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    Construction of Yuan Cheng Logistic Park begins

    An artist’s rendition of the Yuancheng Logistic Park after completion [Photo/ liangjiang.gov.cn]

    Construction of Yuan Cheng Logistic Park and the Chongqing International Logistic and Distribution Center began on Oct 12.

    Yuan Cheng Logistic Park is located in Mu'er village of Yubei district. The project attracted an investment of over 10 billion yuan ($1.58 billion) and will have an area of 1.27 million square meters.

    The logistics park will cooperate with Yunxinou (an international railway that connects Chongqing with Europe) and will be a storage and shipping area for all types of goods. It will also help local producers sell their products to the countries along the Belt and Road and in Europe.

    The logistic park will have an e-commerce logistic region where E-commerce companies can build warehouses. This is expected to shorten the time from placing an order to receiving the products.

    A cold chain logistic area will also be built at the logistic park to serve Chongqing people who enjoy imported fresh food.

    "The international logistic Center will be a distribution center for imported goods and will help Yubei and Chongqing better integrate to the nation's Belt and Road Initiative," said Mu Huaping, secretary of the Party's Yubei District Committee.

    Yuan Cheng Logistic Park is expected to promote international trade between Chongqing and Mid Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Asia, and promote economic integration along the Yangtze River.

    Yuan Cheng Logistics is China's first 5A "comprehensive service logistic company". It ranks first in competitiveness among China's private logistic companies. It is also China's first rail transport operator.

    Apart from Yuan Cheng Logistics, other logistic giants are also settling down at Yubei. ProLogis, the world's second largest logistic company, has a presence in the park and will operate an international warehouse with Chongqing Airport. Goodman logistic, a top 500 company, will invest $130 million to build a warehouse of 170,000 square meters.

    Edited by Peter Nordlinger

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